About Us
Mission statement
· We will always be on a process of self learning.
· We will do constant R&D on technologies, market research.
· We will be in constant interaction with our Customers to understand their businesses and needs
· We will create solutions by combining leading-edge hardware and software technologies
· We will always deliver solutions that are user friendly requiring minimal human interfacing.
· We will always strive to deliver solutions beyond our Customer's expectations.
xiTix™ is a young and dynamic organization with technocrats who are equipped with years of experience in the field of GPS, GPRS, GSM, RFID, its applications, designs and integration.
Our integrated applications and solutions provide real time information on tracking of asset/resource management to businesses. We cater to the needs for businesses who are interested in cost effective and efficient tracking, computing, and data capture of their assets thus reducing misuse of assets that are remotely placed. With this critical real-time information at their fingertips, business managers can make quick, efficient decisions that result in improved business operations.

We customize our solutions to almost all commercial sectors. We have particularly developed our expertise in the provision of electronic data capture and monitoring solutions for Logistics, Schools, Libraries, BPO units, and Transport markets. We develop solutions giving great emphasis on easy usability, quality, safety and value.

xiTix™ is your reliable system integrator. We look forward to transform your business; streamlining it with your partners in value chain and help you reap the real benefits of real-time, tracking of asset/resource management solutions.