Corporate Social Responsibility
Our Policy
Our CSR policy consists of Business Ethics, and Shared Values
-We will partner with government, NGOs or business partners to contribute positively towards economic and human development of the society.
-Share information and encourage transparency and involvement in society.
-Meet the demands for privacy and the prevention of abusive or illegitimate use of information and telecommunications services for reasons of   discrimination, prejudice, racism, violence and all forms of child abuse.
- Seek to contribute towards actions that support nation building, particularly towards the enhancement of
human capital development
- Seek to contribute towards institutions that support Education, particularly towards the enhancement of Children abilities development,mainly in   disadvantaged areas.
- Seek to assist Educational institutions in programs that need assistance in child security and safety.
- Control Waste Management and check to reduce the quantities of waste leaving our premises.
- Respect the rights of all employees, treating them fairly and without discrimination
- Maintain high ethical standards in all our relationships.
Our CRS Policy is checked and reviewed regularly.
Current Initiatives
xiTix 2009 Student Safety & Truancy Prevention $100,000 Grant
Truancy is a very serious indicator for possible academic failure and truant students are at high risk for delinquency, early pregnancy, drug and alcohol use and physical injury. Youth who skip school are also more likely to be victims of crime or participants in crime.
To help institutions fund programs the foundation will provide funds to be used to implement xiTix’s ReTSER program for up to 10,000 students around on a fully paid basis, and 90,000 students on a matching fund basis. All applications will be reviewed by the Foundation.
These allocations have a time limit of 12 months expiring in Aug 2010.
Past Initiatives
Badri Narayan Saha DAV Public School
The first initiative was in 1995 by the founding of the “Badri Narayan Saha DAV Public School”, based in the north eastern Mica and Coal mining town, Giridih in India in memory of the Group’s founder.
This institution has made tremendous progress in all aspects of education since inception under the guidance of the DAV trust and with the help of the teaching and non-teaching staff.
Established originally in 1988 the school has grown from a small number of 100 to over 4000 students today.
It is dedicated in providing academic excellence and realizes every student’s potential, both inside and outside the classroom. Some of the facilities provided by the school include computer labs, science labs and transportation for all. It is proudly affiliated and managed by the Dayanand Anglo-Vedic school system (DAV),
which is the single largest non-government education society in India as well as the Second Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
‘Our aim isn’t only to impart quality education to students but also to bring about their overall development.’ says J K Saha,. ‘We try and impart a type of education that lays stress on education as well as character building. It is a Co-ed school where a strong foundation for moral character is laid in each individual student and all possible efforts are made to manifest excellence in knowledge inherent to them. ‘ Since it’s founding the institution has provided quality education to its city residents. The School is considered on of the best in Jharkand and is known for its exceptional campus. Children have excelled by coming first in the entire country for board exams and many other activities.
Currently this institution has two schools totaling 4200 students and covering 300,000 square feet of facilities.
This is institution also operates 6 formal education centers in the villages of India, where the key focus it to teaching basic reading, writing and basic mathematics to the children. Each center has one building and handles a total of approximately 1800 children. This service including books pencils etc are provided free of cost.
B.N.SAHA DAV Teachers Training College
There is no rocket science in knowing that to impart good values and good education, we need good teachers. So the strategy has been to create good teachers. Good teachers not only for our promoted institutions, but for other schools all over the country.
The B.N. Saha DAV Teachers Training College is a non-profit organization, which was established in the year 2004, under the guidance of DAV College Managing Committee. The Institution has progressed to become an educational Institution par excellence. Set in enigmatic environments, the institutions real strength lies in its different Faculty.
In 2009 a new plot of land spreading over 5 acres has been acquired for the expansion of the Training College. Construction has begun and the project is expected to be completed by approximately mid 2010.
The Kisto Kumar Saha Institute of Technology
This institution is names of after the father of JK SAHA, is to be set up in the hometown of the birth Kisto Kumar Saha.The focus of this initiative is to provide quality higher education in the field of Technology. This was the missing link in the chain of intuitive in the field of education.
Required agreements have been signed, and the acquisition of a 100 acre plot of land in the process.
The target date for completion of this project is 2014.