Fleet Management Solution
xiTix provides a perfect, flexible, fleet solution for all types of fleet: cars, commercial vehicles, logistic & transport vehicles, emergency vehicles, heavy equipment or other assets.
xiTix’s uniquely flexible Fleet Management Solution allows our customers to meet their specific requirements, whether you are managing 20 or 200,000 vehicles, xiTix Fleet Management Solution always stands strong.
At these times when the pressure is on businesses to maximize revenues, it has become a necessity to try everything that is possible under the sky to attain business objectives in terms of logistics, transport as well as customer comfort. Businesses are lured by economies of scale it becomes increasingly important to track, monitor and manage the logistics of fleet 24/7. Fleet Management Solution from xiTix gives you to have full
control over your fleet. For our customers it is a complete solution of all worries that helps to minimize operational costs and maximize savings, to ensure assured customer comforts.
What you achieve by implementing xiTix Fleet Management Solution?
• Track your entire fleet Real‐Time
• Increase fuel efficiency of your fleet
• Full control due to complete monitoring
• Cut maintenance costs and increase life of the fleet
• Maximize vehicle utilization
• Pro-active reporting & reminders
• Personalized web portal for dedicated reporting
• Provides real time information to customers on vehicle status
Major Features
• Vehicle Management
• Route Management
• Route Assignment & Planning
• Driver Management
• Driver Scorecard
• Depot Management
• Trip Planning