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Fundamental thinking is a social media concept of thinking global and acting local. While connecting people and communities, sharing information or transacting online, the need of the hour is secure and sustainable solutions. Solutions which are strong enough to weather the toughest economical storm yet supple enough to travel on a cloud.
The wind of change is blowing across continents. Whether we like it or not, it is time to reengineer our perception. Technology is on the move and RFID and GPS are the future. We at xiTix LLC can solve your monitoring and tracking issues using specialized software and hardware integration. Backed by years of experience in GPS, GPRS, GSM and RFID technology and its applications, designs and integration, we enable businesses to access real-time information anytime and anywhere.
Whether it is Schools, Logistic or Transport companies, Libraries or BPO, we do all the things differently. Our readiness to customize logical solutions to suit any business need makes us the most sort after partner in varied value chains. Extend our expertise to our customers; streamlining it with their partners in the value chain and help them reap the original benefits of real time tracking of assets and resource management solutions is what makes xiTix stand out.
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Learn how we monitor and report student information or do the specialized student exception reporting that gives schools, parents and student transportation providers, an edge on manual child check process through our
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Make your School Bus Fleet operations cost-efficient with
, based on process excellence, flexible and, personalized service.
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As a part of the dynamic RFID and GPS technology space, our Logistics, Transportation, Fleet, School services are characterized by innovative solutions, delivered with agility. More on