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RFID Hardware

With RFID, you have another opportunity to leapfrog into a next generation technology. We can replicate the phenomenal success in the mobile telephony space with RFID, just as the industry migrated from the then conventional wire line technology and moved straight to GSM.

It is our existence in this information driven world that is driving its resurgence – more and more information is generated, stored, exchanged, and used in electronic form and what RFID offers is an efficient way too do this. Enterprises benefit from real time information on their products and assets throughout the value chain.
SP-D300X Series
There are three series of SPD 300 Reader. SP D300, SP D300RW, SP D300RO. The reader works at 2.45GHz microwave frequency band. Using wireless technology, the reader collects uploads data from tags automatically, and communicates with computer through RS232/485 or wirelessly. The readers have good tolerance in harsh environment, and more stable, and are waterproof. This model provides antenna with narrow beam width or wide beam width, depending on customer’s specific requirements.
SP-S100X Series
It is the first of its kind. It is an RFID hand held PDA reader/writer communicating with PC through CF interface. It is carried by operator, finishing data collection for tags in certain area and simultaneously storing collected data in PDA or transmitting to back-end via 802.11b/GPRS, or automatically finishing data writing for tags in areas under safety control. It is capable of bidirectional and long distance communications with tags, able to supervise multiple object tags within range of 30 meters. Encrypted and certified to assure data safety, preventive of eavesdropping and intentional decoding.
SP-K300X Series
As a unique identifier for objects being attached to, SP-K300RW tags can communicate with reader at 2.45GHz microwave frequency band, there are 4 types of different memory: SP-K301 96 Bytes RW Tag, SP-K302 1K Bytes RW Tag, SP-K303 4K Bytes RW Tag, SP-K304 16K Bytes RW Tag. It is the updated version of general active read/writable tag, which is usually credit card shape and comes in various colors. It has a unique power saving mode design with long work life from 6 to 8 years.
SP-TMS-100X Tag
The system is used for management and tracking of workers and equipments in mines. It is a unique identifier for objects being attached to, SP-K300RO tags. It can communicate with the reader at 2.45GHz microwave frequency band. It is installed inside worker’s safety helmet or attached to equipments.
SP-TMS-101X Tag
It is specially designed for application in mining. Installed with a unique identifier for objects being attached to, SP-TMS-101 tags and can communicate with reader bi-directionally at 2.45GHz microwave frequency band. This reader can write data into tag easily. There are two LEDs on the surface of the tag. The reader provides short clear instructions and memory area for customers. The memory size of the reader can be customized.
SP-TTR-100X Tag
As a unique identifier for objects being attached to, SP-TTR-100 tags can communicate with reader at 2.45GHz microwave frequency band. It has one red LED on the surface. This model can store data in its memory. A standard of 1K bytes storage space is available and it can be divided into sectors. It is equipped with anti-jamming capability, tolerance of interfering sources at the scene, solid state encapsulation, tolerance of high strength dropping and vibration, and preventive of disassembling. It is operational with time division multi address technology based on HDLC and synchronized communication mechanism.
SP-TSH-100X Tag
As a unique identifier for objects being attached to, SP-TSH100 tags with temperature measuring function can exchange data with reader bi-directionally at 2.45GHz microwave frequency band. Reader can write data into tag, tag can collect temperature information in real time fashion and store a large number of pieces of measured temperature data.
SP-eSeal-100X/SP-eLock-100X Tag
It can be used in container transportation to keep record of sealing and unsealing. Reader can write data into tags and update data. By default there is a memory capacity of 32KB. The ID is laser printed on the surface and has high fastness.
GPS Hardware  
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS tracking is a technology designed to monitor the movements of people and assets with precise timing and accuracy. The widespread acceptance of GPS in the civilian market has invited businesses to jump on its bandwagon for their share of the novelty. Until recently, tracking with Global Positioning System technology required purchasing expensive hardware and software. xiTix GPS Module enables you to track, trace, and monitor business assets remotely with cost effective solutions.

The hardware is designed for Security applications and Fleet Management purposes.The GPS receiving
The GPS receiving module is employed in the unit to provide fast and accurate positioning functionality. Moreover the newest quad-band GSM module is built in the unit for sending vehicle’s location information to server, and receiving commands or parameters from server. xiTix GPS module is therefore suitable to be used almost around the world. One baud rate programmable RS232 interface for connecting to some peripheral devices, such as printer, RFID reader, LCD display etc. Four digital inputs with photo-couple isolation can be connected to ACC and panic button or vehicle alarm system.
Three digital outputs with open collector are able to break the ignition circuit and electricity of fuel pump. Moreover, one analog input is built in the unit, and two ways voice communication is also built in. The best quality and powerful functions are the goals that we pursue, so that all components in the xiTix GPS module are industrial standard compliant, and some advanced AVL functions have been built in, such as Towing Alert, Geo-Fencing, etc.