Real Time Exception Reporting system (ReTSER)

xiTix ReTSER solution, the flagship of the REAL Time solutions from xiTix, is a completely a Non-Interactive, Non-Initiated, Non-Intrusive Real Time Exception Reporting system and has been designed keeping in mind the privacy and other rights of the students. This system is not to be confused with a tracking system as it does not retain student movement data, but only exception data.

Designed especially for K12 schools, ReTSER solution takes care of increasing concerns of parents, schools and student transportation industry in this day and age. Student accountability has become a major concern with increasing number of “lost” cases, “truancy” issues, or “Social pressures” from peers, etc. ReTSER starts working from the time the kid leaves home for school either on a school bus or on their own and till

With ReTSER, parents and schools take steps to implement measures that would create alerts on a REAL TIME basis, of any exception to the routine that is detected and if things are out of the ordinary in the arrival and departure patterns of their children from School.
The ReTSER mainly consists of:
School Bus Attendance System, which is a unique way of knowing where your kids are at the moment. From the point of boarding the bus for school till the time the kid is dropped back by the bus after school. On any unusual behavior tracked by the system, it initiates alerts to the responsible or registered authorities such as parents, guardians or pupil transportation authorities on real time basis. So consider, if anytime the kid has to get off the bus but for some reason has not got off, the system generates immediate alerts to all concern including the driver of the bus. For an extra security control, just in case the driver misses the alert for some reason and considering him/ her as a human being, xiTix establishes Child Detection through its ReTCam solution. With this it allows all the concerned to take immediate corrective actions.
In-School Attendance System performs an automatic recording of student entry and exit from the school premises. Its special features include integration of classroom, library, other department, etc. attendance with no manual intervention. The system send alerts to parents, guardians, etc. informing kid’s absence from the school within stipulated time or their non-existence in the school premises. This also includes exceptions such as kid’s presence in the school premises after stipulated time that forces the system to initiate alerts on real time basis.
The School Bus Attendance system acts wireless whereas the In-School solution is flexible to handled using wired or wireless connectivity. For wireless communication the data transfer is through GPRS/ GSM.