School Solutions
School Solutions With the influence of the media, hectic lifestyles, increasingly busy parents and worst of all sheer peer pressure, the best of and the most disciplined of children are coerced/ influenced into truancy, resulting in the parents believing their children are at schools, when actually their whereabouts are unaccountable.
Truancy is a very serious indicator for possible academic failure and truant students are at high risk for delinquency, early pregnancy, drug and alcohol use and physical injury. Youth who skip school are also more likely to be victims of crime or participants in crime.
Recent Studies have shown that two-thirds of male juveniles arrested while truant tested positive for drug use. According to one confidential survey, nearly 1 in ten 15 year olds were truant at least once a week. Further during a recent sample period in Miami more than 71 percent of 13 to 16 year-olds prosecuted for criminal violations had been truant. The list goes on and on.
Now to help keep kids in school, xiTix™ LLC introduces ReTSER™, a state of the art ReTSER (Real Time Student Exception Reporting System) solution designed especially for K12 Schools considering local conditions and entirely customizable according to school requirements. The most unique feature is that it is completely a non-interactive, non-initiated, non intrusive Real Time Exception Reporting System that starts working from the time your kid leaves your home for school and till the kid gets off the bus on its way home.. This system has been designed among other things keeping in mind the privacy and other rights of the students. This system is not in any ways to be confused with a tracking system as this system does not ACT on, or retain student movement data, but only exception data.

Right from real time exception reporting of student movement on the bus, at school, real time student transport visibility, fleet management, fully automated driver payroll systems, to equipping school libraries with advanced technology, the company does it all under one roof.